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Ventriloscope® stethoscope optimizes IPE/ Team STEPPs training for 1475 students at University of Washington!

Why choose the Ventriloscope® for simulation stethoscope?

There is so much "hype" from simulation companies, stating their products are the best for training healthcare professionals. Often, their devices are unnecessarily complicated to operate, without achieving basic function.

 The world may have become more high tech, but the anatomy and physiology of human beings hasn’t changed. We have designed our simulation stethoscope called Ventriloscope® to help learners identify abnormalities on patients, in association with human interactions. Any device not achieving this goal is virtually useless, regardless of  cost. Our device is intentionally designed to be simple to use while providing the greatest technological reliability, at an affordable cost.

Testimonials, press and other literature for our

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Research Articles:

"...we have shown that the Ventriloscope contributes to the authenticity of a clinical simulation and this brings it closer to real patient encounter and is both practical and consistent to use in real examination settings".

                                                                                - ROGER KNEEBONE, MD, PhD et al

                                                         Imperial College of London

Research Articles:

"After having Ventriloscope for four years, they are the best representation of chest sounds that we can find outside of a real patient...The versatility of the product allows us to use them in classroom, in lab, and in our simulated environments...allows the students to have realistic experience even before they get to their clinical phase of the program"

                                                                                - Susan Dunington, RRT, MA, FCSRT

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Ventriloscope® was successfully used with 1475 students over 5 years at University of Washington to teach, IPE (Interprofessional education) and Team STEPPS skills using a dyspnea case.  It was a raging success in learner acknowledged acquisition of communications skills.


Detailed "plug and play" resources makes this activity simple to implement at your institution and can be found on the MedEdPORTAL website.


No commercial support was provided by Lecat's Ventriloscope for this project, but we wish we could have helped.



Note: Only the research is affiliated with AAMC, not our company.

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Simulation stethoscope, physical exam, abnormal sounds, standardized patient, assessment, stethoscope simulator, SP simulation, simulation

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Simulation stethoscope, physical exam, abnormal sounds, standardized patient, assessment, stethoscope simulator, SP simulation, simulation

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