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• Realistic simulation with mannequins or SPs by allowing for any sounds to be placed anywhere,



• Learn basic abnormal heart and lung sounds in a snap!


• Teach blood pressure and other vitals in large classrooms, seminars or small groups!


• Place new sounds in old mannequins!


• Know that your students can take vitals accurately and recognize 'abnormals'!


• Available in several packages to fit your simulation needs.

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Simghost (Peoria, IL)

Aug 2-5, 2016


Sim One (Toronto, Canada)

Oct 6-7, 2016


PAEA (Minnesota)

Oct 13-16, 2016

Testimonials & Reviews / Literature:

Research Articles:

"...we have shown that the  Ventriloscope contributes to the authenticity of a clinical simulation and thus brings it closer to real patient encounter and is both practical and consistent to use in real examination settings".

                        - ROGER KNEEBONE, MD, PhD et al

                          Imperial College of London


Customer Reviews:

"After having Ventriloscope for four years, they are the best representation of chest sounds that we can find outside of a real patient...The versatility of the product allows us to use them in classroom, in lab, and in our simulated environments...allows the students to have realistic experience even before they get to their clinical phase of the program".

                         - Susan Dunington, RRT, MA, FCSRT

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