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Our interactive learning system was created to enhance your simulation by making your lab portable. Now you can unify your simulation with Lecat's Ventrilosope and Lecat's Ventrilophone. Use for single student or full auditorium.


(1) Touch screen windows tablet with 2 normal cases and 12 abnormal cases

(1) Sound card library with 12 SD cards, one for each case; 2 SD cards for your own cases

(1) Mini HDMI cable to connect the tablet to any type of display

(1) Heart monitor band

(1) Heart monitor leads


  • Four or more students can examine her, using  different  cases simultaneously
  • Can be used with larger groups, using speakers
  • Articulating arms allow for proper examiner/patient  positioning for accurate BPs.  No other mannequin has this feature or teaches this skill.  Shoulder elevates and hands supinate bilaterally, for proper positioning
  • Two arms allow for comparison of blood pressure in a scenario
  • Two students can learn/measure BP simultaneously
  • The only female auscultation mannequin, Minnie trains students to listen over the apex, under the breast, a frequently neglected, but crucial area
  • No other mannequin allows playing of multiple sounds over the same area in the same program, allowing for changes in murmurs with maneuvers, bronchophony, egophony, etc. to be played over the involved area.
  • The mannequin is easily positioned to allow auscultation in the left lateral decubitus position, supine, erect, etc.
  • Lightweight, portable, stores easily
  • Rugged, nothing to break inside


  • 30 pre-programmed cases available, 10 in a set
  • Infinite variability of cases
  • Easily create your own
  • Modify existing cases using included MP3 recorder, to customize and adapt your scenarios
  • Patient history is spoken to the student, just as in real life
  • Integrates history with exam findings
  • Expert commentary on exam findings by board certified physician and professor, makes them easy to understand and remember
  • Students can operate cases themselves, freeing up the sim tech and increasing throughput of your center
  • Cases can also be used by students on each other as patients!
  • Cases can also be used on any other mannequin
  • Can be used for assessments
  • Simple to use

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