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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Ventriloscope be used with mannequins?

Absolutely. This technique will give you the freedom to put any sound anywhere on the mannequin, and not be limited by the speaker placement. The sound quality is generally superior to most sounds that come with mannequins.


How does the Ventriloscope work with Standardized Patients?

It takes about 30 minutes to train your SP to operate the transmitter. They are instructed as to which buttons to press depending on where the student is listening. Timing is crucial to make the encounter as realistic as possible. This frees your clinical teachers to teach and run multiple stations simultaneously.


Can I use my own sounds?

Yes, as long as it is in MP3 format. The Ventriloscope can recognize any sound.


How does the Ventriloscope work?

MP3 sound files on SD cards are inserted into the transmitter, which transmits the sound via radio frequency to the receiver within the stethoscope. You can play any MP3 file on the Ventriloscope.


How many sounds are on a card?

The transmitter gives you access to 12 sounds at a time. You can use an unlimited number of cards.


Does it run on batteries?

A rechargeable battery is within both the transmitter and receiver. Each can charge right from you computer or a charging adapter via the USB cables provided. Remember to disable the sleep mode on your computer, as the USB ports shut down when the sleep mode is activated.


Is it difficult to make my own sound cards?

No. Our user’s manual walks you through each step from formatting you SD card to naming the files appropriately.


Can two sounds be played at once?

No, not unless you have made a recording of the two sounds on one file. You may do this by overlapping the sound recordings of each.


Is there a volume control?

Yes. The volume control is located below the on/off switch on the transmitter. There are two small holes labeled U and D. You can change the volume by inserting the end of a paperclip in the hole and tapping it several times as you listen, you can set the volume to the desired level.


Can more than one student at a time hear the sounds?

By using a speaker system with the Ventriloscope, you can broadcast the sound to small groups, entire classrooms or even over the sound system in a lecture hall to hundreds of students.


Does the Ventriloscope come with a warranty?

Yes. The Ventriloscope comes with a one year warranty not due to abuse or neglect. An additional year of warranty coverage can be purchased

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