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Synchronizing simulated heart sounds to your SP's pulse!

Lecat's Heart Trigger, is the perfect extension to Lecat's Ventriloscope. You can accurately portray systolic or diastolic phenomena with your simulation stethoscope. You can change the volume or character of a given murmur to simulate the changes with corresponding maneuvers by your standardized patient (handgrip, valsalva, squatting, etc...)

Easy Connectivity

The Heart Triggerâ„¢ connects your Ventriloscope Transmitter simply via a 2mm mini plug cable provided to you. No complicated mechanisms or programming needed. It recognizes the pulse of the patient through a simple sensor or EKG leads


Compact & Easily Concealable

The Heart Triggerâ„¢ was designed to be compact with concealability a priority. No new training is needed for the standardized patient.


Simulate Immediately

We feature four plug & play SD cards to simulate right out of the box. Just insert one of the plug & play SD cards (Aortic Stenosis, Aortic Insufficiency, Mitral Stenosis, Mitral Insufficiency) into your Ventriloscope and you are ready to go


Extensive Sound Library

Over 40 different heart sounds are provided to meet the needs of any heart case that you wish to simulate.

Portable & Compact

Easy Connectivity

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