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Features of our Simulation Stethoscope:

  • Realistic simulation with mannequins or SPs by allowing for any sounds to be placed anywhere, invisibly!
  • Learn basic abnormal and heart sounds in a snap!
  • Teach blood pressure and other vitals in large classrooms, seminars, or small groups!
  • Place new sounds in old mannequins!
  • Know that your students can take vitals accurately and recognize 'abnormals'!
  • Available in several packages to fit your simulation needs.

Understanding Ventriloscope (simulation stethoscope) in depth:

Multi Dimensional Education - Multi Sensory Learning

There is no other device or simulation stethoscope that can put abnormal sounds on a live patient. To us, the Ventriloscope is the ultimate in high fidelity simulation because it requires communicating with a real person and integrating all of the other data, including exam findings, into the assessment. This type of simulation allows us to assess a learner's ability to perform as providers do more than 90% of the time. It also comes with a much larger and higher quality sound set than most mannequins. You can use any MP3 sound you like though. Sounds can be compared instantaneously, and as many times as desired until the student can clearly tell the differences and identify them. This certainly helps differentiate for the learner an S3 gallop from an S4 for example. Its versatility allows it to be used with SPs, ANY mannequin, small or large group teaching settings.

Do you know of another realistic simulator for percussion? Coin percussion? Auscultatory percussion? We don’t.


Cutting Edge Technology

The Ventriloscope (simulation stethoscope) transmits using a cutting edge chip, several generations beyond "bluetooth". In fact, those who developed our chip worked on the original bluetooth chip, but made many improvements. This means that our device is able to pick the clearest channel and avoid interference. It also provides security in that each sound played is broken into very small parts and scattered among many frequencies. This makes it virtually impossible to surreptitiously record test sounds.

Radio Frequency licensing as granted by the Federal Communications Commission costs us $26,000. That is for the US. Each country has its own radio licensing authority with substantial licensing costs.



How many students can you teach at once with just one Ventriloscope? That depends on your auditorium and speakers, but we have taught up to 200 students at once to take blood pressures properly and avoided the error of using needle movements to determine systolic and diastolic readings which can take hours to find and correct, if ever with any other devices or simulation stethoscope.

It is not uncommon for mannequin sound systems to malfunction, potentially ruining a day of teaching requiring great logistical effort to get all the students in one place. The Ventriloscope is your mannequin's "spare tire". Likewise, if you are staging a patient session with real findings, we have found that about  10% of these or more cancel on the day of the exercise. An SP can use the Ventriloscope to recreate the "real case".


Cost Effective

You can buy about 10 Ventriloscopes for one high fidelity mannequin, but those scopes will greatly increase the "throughput" of your center by allowing 10 channels to operate and teach simultaneously. Most centers with multiple mannequins can only operate one at a time, due to the level of expertise necessary to run most mannequins and number of qualified personnel to run them.

Over 385 schools in 24 countries have purchased and repurchased our products. Some schools have reordered 3 times after their initial order.

Our simulation stethoscope is simple and frees the instructor to teach, while the Standardized Patient runs the device (yes it's that simple).

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