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We have created this video library to keep you updated on our new products, give you tips on how to use our products, and also medical education to all health care providers.

Our New Ventrilophone Systems:

Ventrilophone  System

Lecat's Ventriloscope Training Tips:

Operating Lecat's Ventriloscope (3:35 min)

Teaching Standardized Patients (1:27 min)

Chest Pain Scenario (1:28 min)

Simulating High BP (0:51 secs)

Low BP Example (0:28 secs)

Mid BP Example (0:24 secs)

High BP Example (0:25 secs)

Blood Pressure Simulation with Ventriloscope & Ventrilophone:

Ventriloscope Simulation Settings:

With a Mannequin (0:32 secs)

In Large Groups (1:18 min)

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